While working for Fairfax County Public Schools as a special education teacher and educational diagnostician, Deborah Spear saw firsthand the obstacles many students in the public school system faced (and continue to face) in receiving appropriate remedial instruction for reading disabilities (read the complete story here). 

​Deborah supports the effort of the International Dyslexia Association to provide quality reading instruction for all students. She works with Decoding Dyslexia Virginia and the DC Branch of the International Dyslexia Association to improve teacher training in the Commonwealth.

 For the full text of the 2016 bill click here.


​​Deborah (far right), with Virginia Delegate Kathleen Murphy and students.  

Deborah, center left, with Amy Rubacky, Caz Rubacky, Delegate Plum on Dyslexia Advocacy Day 2017  

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